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Dansby Swanson picked first in the 2015 MLB Draft

A breaking news update, inspired by Mad Mark Sackler, and brought to you delightedly by Dave during the 2015 MLB Draft. The Arizona Diamondbacks (probably one of the best-named teams in major league baseball), drafted awesomely-named Vanderbilt prospect Dansby Swanson! Best … Continue reading

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FNITN 48, where Dave fills in for Arto… Kinda

So apparently someone decided that traveling halfway around the world with his wife was more important than keeping up on his FNITN duties. Tsk tsk! Arto’s in Finland right now and I’m housesitting for him and his cats. His cats are … Continue reading

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What should we call Arto?

So Arto decided to head out to Atlanta, Georgia to do supposedly important “real world” things last week without inviting any of his Blog of Funny Names coauthors or leaving us with any of his delightful material.That’s why there was … Continue reading

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Arto fondling Ted Danson

This picture of Arto fondling Ted Danson will serve as a placeholder until he decides to write today’s post. I won’t accept some sort of “Blogging moment of silence for the 9/11 victims” excuse either. Tsk tsk!

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