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It’s Not What You Thot

Flipping through the pages of the August 2019 InSTYLE magazine, I recently stumbled across this Loreal ad of two stunning models, Duckie Thot and Luma Grothe. While one could argue that Luma Grothe is a fine funny name in its … Continue reading

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Nudie Cohn: Original Bedazzler

Good morning and welcome to another educational installment at the Blog of Funny Names. On this sunny, flower-blooming spring day, it only seems fitting to post about this colorful character. As his Nudie-mobile proudly proclaims, that’s Nudie Cohn! Now don’t you go thinking … Continue reading

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Constance Frances Marie Ockleman

Today’s post is dedicated to my friend and fellow BoFN contributor Fannie Cranium, who has given up television. (I know. I know. It’s been days since I heard the news, and I still don’t understand it). Anyway, in honour of … Continue reading

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Guppy Troup

Bowling. A sport of champions, beer, and wonderful male fashion. If you’ve never been an admirer of the sport, perhaps the finest introduction you could ask for is a fellow named Guppy Troup. He got his great name from a … Continue reading

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Erasmus Darwin

If there’s one biologist you know, it’s probably Charles Darwin, who is famous for developing the theory of evolution…or so you were taught since infancy. … not so fast! Years before Chuck was born, his grandfather Erasmus Darwin – a … Continue reading

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