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Mopsy Strange Kennedy, Ph.D.

For those of you in the U.S. welcome back, we hope you enjoyed a great holiday weekend. Last week, I experienced one of those epiphany moments of fabulous funny name finds. As Gru would say, “Light bulb”. While I researched … Continue reading

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Fannie’s Olympic Medalist List

Greetings funny names fans! I apologize for the brevity, I’m running up against some unexpected deadlines on the home front and I’m not as creative as Dave is under pressure. Now that the Olympics have come to a close, let’s … Continue reading

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Arthur Lee Samuel, Three First Names?

Today I am standing on my soap box—because I’m too short for you to see me otherwise—and whispering, because if you want people to pay attention, you whisper. And have a slice of Chocolate Bourbon Cake. I understand it’s one … Continue reading

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Gilbert K. Chesterton

“I’m in good shape. That shape is round.” This lovely quote comes from author Jarod Kintz, and it’s one that today’s profilee, Mr. Gilbert Chesterton would have appreciated. Better known as G.K Chesterton, he was one of the more famous … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder Where The Edsel Came From?

The good, the bad, the car with a name which will live in infamy: The Edsel. You should never judge a car by it’s cover or buy stocks from someone named Madoff—or Ponzi for that matter. But what if you … Continue reading

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