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Where’s the Money, Lebowski? Let These Funny Named Economists Tell Us

There’s lots of talk in the news about economic matters these days. There’s the Greek crisis, which in my personal life is the term for the disappointingly short weekend hours of my local gyro place. There’s always “the economy, stupid” when elections … Continue reading

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Aloysius “Alois” Alzheimer

Because we love alliteration here, meet Aloysius “Alois” Alzheimer, born June 14, 1864 in Marktbreit, Bavaria, Southern Germany. He excelled in the sciences at school, where he studied medicine in Berlin. First at Ashaffenburg (no, it’s not a chocolate), Tubingen … Continue reading

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Rainer Maria Rilke

René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke, better known as Rainer Maria Rilke, was a brilliant poet with more awesomely-named credentials than you can shake a stick at. So stop shaking that stick! It’s futile! The Bohemian-Austrian poet (and legendary mustache … Continue reading

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Hermann Zapf and His Dingbats

Hermann Zapf and His Dingbats sounds like a quite delightful 70s psychedelic band. Unfortunately, it isn’t one, but feel free to start the group and send us your demo. No, Hermann Zapf is not a musician, but he is a … Continue reading

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Hardy Rodenstock aka Meinhard Görke

Most of us can consider ourselves lucky if we’re given one funny name to be remembered by. Then there are some who have the obscene fortune of two funny names, starting with a corker and then changing it for one … Continue reading

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