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Funny Names in the News 98, Where We Fight Through the Pain With Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Carltonlima Emma

Yippy skippy! It’s Funny Names In The News again! Unfortunately, this will have to be a slightly abridged FNITN because of a rather peculiar circumstance. Last Friday, during an intramural med school Capture The Flag game, the BoFN’s very own oddball … Continue reading

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Funny Names in the News 80, Where we Celebrate Norms while taking the road less Travell-ed

Happy Friday everyone! Here at Funny Names Central, that means we’re gettin’ rowdy rowdy and ’bout it ’bout it! Starting off this week’s Funny Names in the News is our Stunning Star-Studded Celebrity Correspondent Amb!, who made a special trip over … Continue reading

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Have You Thanked Abhay Bhushan Today?

Keeping this week’s theme going, it’s time to pull out your geek glasses, polish them up, and put them on. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. *Fannie cues up the Big Bang Theory theme song.* Mr. Abhay Bhushan was born in Allahabad, … Continue reading

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Vint Cerf

Al Gore got a lot of flak for supposedly saying he invented the internet. Like lapel pins, obscure racial slurs, and pretty much anything else people may or may not care about, this fake quote was turned into a makeshift … Continue reading

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