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Mariano Martinez, Man of the Margaritas

Consider if you will, one Mariano Martinez, high-school drop-out from Dallas, Texas. The year is 1971 and Mr. Martinez opens Mariano’s Hacienda, a restaurant serving Mexican food. Problems arise on opening night when servers realize they can’t keep up with … Continue reading

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Kees A. Schouhamer Immink

Dr. Kornelis Antonie “Kees” A. Schouhamer Immink is not just a mouthful, he’s also one of the most significant engineering figures of the 20th century. Several sources state that it is impossible to hear any digital audio or watch digital … Continue reading

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Erasmus Darwin

If there’s one biologist you know, it’s probably Charles Darwin, who is famous for developing the theory of evolution…or so you were taught since infancy. … not so fast! Years before Chuck was born, his grandfather Erasmus Darwin – a … Continue reading

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Vint Cerf

Al Gore got a lot of flak for supposedly saying he invented the internet. Like lapel pins, obscure racial slurs, and pretty much anything else people may or may not care about, this fake quote was turned into a makeshift … Continue reading

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