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The Funniest, Strangest and Most Impressive Names of NCAA March Madness 2015 : Complete Your Funny Name Bracket

Hello basketball fans and funny names enthusiasts! Today we bring these two fine groups of people together to celebrate the greatest, most uniquely piquant, and fantastically humorous names in college basketball. Yes, we’re going deep into the NCAA March Madness … Continue reading

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Shabazz Napier

“I go to bed starving.”–Shabazz Napier Stop the presses! I was all set to publish a tribute to the start of the baseball season,  but along came Shabazz Napier and his MVP performance to lead UCONN’s run to the NCAA division … Continue reading

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Funny Names In The News 76, Brought to you by Ryan Gosling and Speed Weed

Gadzooks and gravy, my friends, it’s Funny Names Friday Monday once again! I came here to write Funny Names in the News and take Ambien, and I’m all out of Ambien, so let’s get down to bidness! Leading off for … Continue reading

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March Madness, Lemur Madness, Dam Madness and Funny Names in the News 31!

Hello folks and welcome to a Funny Names in the News roundup so chock full of funny names it’ll make every forthcoming post on this blog seem disappointing. But hey, I’m here to disappoint, and always have been, so logically … Continue reading

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Majestic Mapp and Scientific Mapp: A March Madness Basketball Legacy

Today we celebrate the Final Four of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. As Louisville, University of Kentucky, Kansas, and Ohio State square off to determine who are the two top teams in the sport this year, we reflect on two … Continue reading

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