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Blaise Pascal

Not just a computer language, not just a measurement, not just a funny name . . . Blaise Pascal entered this world on June 19, 1623. Born in the middle, between two sisters, Gilberte and Jacqueline. Educated at home by … Continue reading

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Celebrating International Pi Day with Pie and Yay!

Happy Pi Day Everyone! Yes, it is once again time to celebrate 3.14-ish as today is 3/14 in the calendar. Let’s get jiggy with it! In celebration of this significant holiday, today we will be celebrating funny things in mathematics … Continue reading

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Norbert Wiener

Well hello there, funny name enthusiasts. Still here? Good to see you – or talk to this unseen crowd of people that are presumably there to put it more accurately. It’s been nearly a month since I last told you … Continue reading

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Judith Q. Longyear

Here’s what I know about mathematics : it’s hard. I also know it tends to involve numbers, but not for those who are really good at it. For them there are only letters and graphs and some Greek stuff. I … Continue reading

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