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Diego Hypólito and Danielle Hypólito: Bringing The Hype To The 2016 Rio Olympics

Welcome to the 2016 Rio Olympics edition of The Blog of Funny Names. Today we showcase siblings Diego and Daniele Hypólito, shown here, discussing the merits of having a hometown advantage this year in Brazil. Both are gymnasts, competing for the gold. A … Continue reading

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Dominique Moceanu: When Dominique “Domi” Dominated

Do you remember that amazing vault that Kerri Strug did at the 1996 Olympics? I remember it like it was yesterday, up late at night, riveted to the TV. The diminutive Dominique Moceanu had faltered in the last rotation of team … Continue reading

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Shaka! Pussy Riot Rocks the Sochi Winter Olympics and more in Funny Names in the News 73

Howzit! Thanks, eh? All right! It’s Funny Names In The News Friday! Why did I introduce FNITN this way? Because my Nordic Correspondent Arto introduced me to this paragraph from the Shaka Sign Wikipedia page, and it’s solid gold! “Hawaiians … Continue reading

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2014 Sochi Winter Olympics – Even More Funny Names!

Hello! Friday time, baby! That means there must be some kind of crazy roundup of the craziest funny name stories in the news this week, right? Twist! This week, the Winter Olympics have been taking place in Sochi, Russia. In … Continue reading

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Oh Brother(s), Where Art Thou, the Charlos and Arroyos

“I grew up with 6 brothers.  That’s how I learned to dance–waiting for the bathroom.”–Bob Hope “Big sisters are the crabgrass in the lawn of life.”–Linus (Charles M. Schultz) When it comes to siblings in major professional sports, a few … Continue reading

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