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Olympics 2012 : Stambolova Stumbles, Laugher vs. Giglmayer

Yes, you better believe it, our London Olympics 2012 coverage continues, as the games are still allegedly going on. In this update : the most striking, hilarious and bizarre funny names from the games from the past few days of … Continue reading

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Lowell Turpin, Tammy Thrower, Mike Fuchs, and more Funny Names in the News 8

Happy Friday, readers! It’s the end of the work-week again and you know what that means, it’s FNITN- time (if you didn’t know that, that’s okay, you do now!) So let’s get fa-nittin’. Dave has been busy reading his favo(u)rite … Continue reading

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Funny Names in the Olympics Continued : Funniest Olympic Medalist Names Of All Time

We’ve gone Olympic crazy here at Funny Names HQ. It’s been four years again and it’s that time to pretend you know all the fencing events apart from one another and can recite your favorite canoers from memory. Which of … Continue reading

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Kenesaw Mountain Landis

(Dave’s note: Rob’s litigation consulting company has been working crazy long days on a huge case for the past week or so, and I’m covering for him today. Rob will be back in action  doing his first Funny Names In … Continue reading

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