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Ziggy Stardust vs. Iggy Pop: Epic Gilbert and Sullivan Style Rap Battles (R.I.P. David Bowie)

(apologies to David and all Bowie fans) I am the very model of a glam rock extraterrestrial I shed my velvet scarf and coat and drop them in the vestibule When I take off the rest you’ll find my gender … Continue reading

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Lemon Andersen

Hello, kittens. I’m sorry I haven’t been by to see you in a while. Do you remember the day when I sat you down and we had a little talk about Rob and his schedule and how sometimes grownups have … Continue reading

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Funny Names in the News 80, Where we Celebrate Norms while taking the road less Travell-ed

Happy Friday everyone! Here at Funny Names Central, that means we’re gettin’ rowdy rowdy and ’bout it ’bout it! Starting off this week’s Funny Names in the News is our Stunning Star-Studded Celebrity Correspondent Amb!, who made a special trip over … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Fred Wah in the Form of a Canadian Styled Poem

Out in Swift Current, Saskachewan eh! In 1939 there emerged a special lover of moose-flavored sorbet Wonderfully named and armed with goatee, A man set to make some history. Born Frederick James Wah, like the pedal under Jimi’s paw, We … Continue reading

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Rainer Maria Rilke

René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke, better known as Rainer Maria Rilke, was a brilliant poet with more awesomely-named credentials than you can shake a stick at. So stop shaking that stick! It’s futile! The Bohemian-Austrian poet (and legendary mustache … Continue reading

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