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Ed Balls

Ed Balls had a tough childhood. Not because he was poor, or weak, or had lots of little red pimples on his face all the time or anything. No, none of those things are true. What is true is that … Continue reading

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Goodluck Jonathan

The first person from the continent of Africa profiled in this blog (with many more to come!), Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has had very good fortune in his life, ascending all the way to the position of President of Nigeria. … Continue reading

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Vermin Supreme

American presidential candidate.

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The Honorable Salmon P. Chase

Have you ever heard of the so-called “Supreme Court Justice Test”? Some parents have developed the test for naming their children to ensure that the baby-to-be can be taken seriously. So, if they are struggling to decide between naming their child … Continue reading

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Outerbridge Horsey

Welcome to the Funny Names Blog! The first name to be proudly commemorated on our blog : Outerbridge Horsey.  That’s right, Outerbridge Horsey. Now, we all had someone in our graduating class named Outerbridge, but when you combine that with the … Continue reading

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