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Redd Foxx

For the last few months we’ve been building up to the holiday season—and I did not realize my penchant for red and green. What with Red Smith, Red Green, Lorne Greene and now at the suggestion of Bumba, wonderfully named … Continue reading

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Lorne Greene

Last month we talked about Red Smith, which led me to Red Green, which led me to Lorne Greene. Which is a green of a different spelling. Last week, Mark B. talked about Gump Worsley who’s real first name is … Continue reading

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Milana Vayntrub–who?

“Apparently, we love our cell phones but hate everyone else’s”-Joe Bob Briggs Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub (b. March 8, 1987,  Tashkent, Uzbekistan) is an American actress whom you may not have heard of,  but you have probably seen.   She plays … Continue reading

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Bob Barker, You’re the Next Contestant on the Name is Right . . .

Before Drew Carey, before Wayne Brady, before Pat Sajak, even before Alex Trebek, there was a game show host who towered above them all—Bob Barker—and not just because he stands over six feet tall. . .but that probably helps in … Continue reading

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Gene Peet, Not Just Another Pretty Name

Some people follow circuitous routes, working many jobs before they find their path. Meet Mr. Gene Peet—born on March 13, 1928 to Bill and Loretta (Murray) Peet in Sandpoint, ID. The family moved to St. Maries, ID in 1930. Where, … Continue reading

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